Benny is a versatile artist based in Lansing MI.  Hes considered a "Jack of all trades" within the art community.  With a proclivity to the imaginative and absurd, Benny enjoys spending time in his "Monster Shop", Working with his hands creating props, puppets, or whatever else he thinks up
Hello, I am Mallori.  I am a small town girl raised in Homer, MI.  I am studying Art Education at Western Michigan University, and hope to one day be an amazing art teacher.  I had an amazing art teacher, who pushed me to do my best, and i hope to do that for my students someday.  Someone else who played a big role in making me the artist I am today was my grandma Jojo.  She was an amazing artist, and will always be an inspiration to me.  
I really enjoy using charcoal, but going to school has really broadened the art techniques and mediums that I use.  While charcoal was my first medium, I have come to love other things like like pastel art and ceramics since enrolling in art school. 
Art is my happy place, especially when i see the outcome
Meagan is a creative designer who resides in Marshall Michigan. At 6 years old she knew she wanted to be a professional artist.
A few years ago she decided to take the leap and complete a graphic design degree.
While there is love for digital design, she prefers to get messy with acrylic and watercolor paints. Her work is described a playful and childlike. It's her mission to find the beauty in everyday life through art.
Outside of the art studio, you'll find her on a hike in nature, or snuggled up with a good book.