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Our Oddly Beneficial Beverage Series is the physical manifestation of appreciation for the community we have lived in and been supported by for as long as we can remember. By partnering with other local businesses to help cover the ingredient and packaging costs, we are able to donate 100% of the purchase price for each bottle to a non-profit or organization located right here in Homer Michigan. 

From the imaginative minds of a couple of talented young artists from the Homer Art Dept, the Rhubarbarian was born.  A true centerpiece for our inaugural Oddly Beneficial Beverage. 

With the help of some local businesses, we present Attack of the Rhubarbarian, a tart cider with locally grown strawberries and fresh rhubarb. 

The strawberries were donated by Harvey Farms and packaging costs were covered by DJS Systems, allowing 100% of the purchase price of each bottle to be donated to the Homer Art Department. May they continue the crusade to create, sometimes outside the box .

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Harvey Farms - Fresh Strawberries

DJS Systems - Bottles & Labels

Cascarelli's & Homer PS - Retail

Benefiting the Homer Art Department

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